About Us

We are working to provide more specialist lubrication Services to improve lubrication solutions in the countries where we operate.

Since 2007, Motor oil has been at the forefront of providing a specialized, high-quality, and affordable range to improve the efficiency and productivity of engines, heavy equipment, and industrial applications. About the latest and most advanced astrological research and development based on our lubrication solutions for technological production.

Our research and development of lubricants and inert derivatives have always been seen in the areas of friction and wear, high and low-temperature properties, corrosion protection, sealing, and media compatibility, especially environmental protection and toxic toxins. BASIC: Modern laboratory technology, analytical methods, computer-aided experiments, and field tests were conducted in extremely difficult and difficult situations.

The Brand Philosophy

Motorun brand philosophy is to achieve harmony in all aspects of our business - responsibility to the customers, responsibility to our partners, stringent environmental policies, corporate social responsibility, and constant innovation. This philosophy is reflected in the company logo

What We Offer

As developers and manufacturers of automotive, industrial and bio-based lubricants for specific applications, we improve productivity in many different environments and this helps to strengthen our knowledge in creating the right lubricants for our specific performance.

Our team is active in creating, producing, innovating, and advising; Absolutely. Our production centers and laboratories enable us to pay constant attention to the needs of our customers.

Production & RND

With a strong scientific foundation and state-of-the-art production facilities, Motorun continues to design and manufacture products that meet the needs of various markets, and industries across the globe.

Stringent protocol and best practice policies allow Motorun to maintain the highest standards in production, supply chain, and technical aspects of our business. The procurement team uses effective leveraging to ensure our purchasing position is uncompromised in times of uncertainty and plays a crucial role in effectively managing resources and implementing economies of scale to ensure our price scheduling retains merit across the world.