Specifically engineered for use in modern applications. Developed by a leading OEM engine oil manufacturer, Its proven durability in both laboratory and controlled engine dyno testing. Its formulated with high-strength viscosity modifiers for excellent shear stability, strength and engine protection.


Mo3 Technology is a unique tri-moly additive for more effectively reduces wear, friction, and oxidation in today's engines. Conventional Molybdenum typically contains two Molybdenum atoms in each molecule. Mo3 Technology additive contains three Moly atoms within its core. The third Molybdenum atom acts as a catalyst, allowing your oil to activate:

1. Under the most severe service conditions

2. Over a much longer period of time

3. More Quickly


Since 1924, the American Petroleum Institute has been a cornerstone in AP establishing and maintaining standards for the worldwide oil and natural gas energy industry. API is the premier source for petroleum industry data and information. API's data and statistics are accurate, comprehensive, timely, and quoted widely.


Modern motorcycles usually have the same oil lubricating the engine and the wet clutch. For this purpose, most of the time the regular friction modified engine oils are not good enough.

To make sure that the right oil is used motorcycle manufacturers usually require the oil to meet one of the JASO standards the motor oils that meet the JASO T 903:2006 standard can be classified into four grades: JASO MA, JASO MA1, JASO MA2, and JASO MB. The classification is based on the results of the JASO T 904:2006 clutch system friction test.


ADF Authorized Partner, AGT, was founded in Berlin almost a decade ago and is a premier German security solutions provider with a strong consultancy focus and deep system integration expertise.

AGT has developed National Laboratories in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and has an excellent reputation as an expert in different sectors including additives. The AGT division of forerisic science encompasses the recovery and investigation of material found in the lubricant industry.