SAE 140
5 liter
Motorun gear oil is a highly efficient, versatile, thermally stable and heavy duty lubricant for automatic transmissions. It comes together with high-efficiency IT detectors of high-quality base oils to provide a large load-bearing capacity to protect gear equipment from gear equipment under high load conditions.

A special barrier system has also been fitted to provide great oxidation stability to prevent oil from rotting and condensing over long periods of intense activity at high temperatures.

The high viscosity index and low dropping point provide good film strength to protect the gear at high and low temperatures.


  • Formulated to protect against corrosion and excessive wear
  • Designed for outboard and sterndrive applications above 75 HP
  • Extreme pressure synthetic additives protect gears from metal to metal contact
  • SAE 140 viscosity
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Provides rust protection
  • Designed for hypoid gears
  • Ideal for shock loading applications