SAE 20W-50

Our SAE 20W50 motor oil is a versatile oil based on refined mineral oils and high quality additives. They are designed for maximum engine performance. They meet the requirements of engines in the gasoline and diesel industry.

This protects the engine from cleanliness, corrosion and wear. Try our 20W50 oil and see its high quality.Thanks to interest on our product , you can find 20W50 oil suitable for trucks, motorcycles or vintage cars.

What is 20W-50

Class SAE 20W50 describes the behavior of oil flow in different temperature ranges. Motor oils specification 20W50 belong to multi-grade oils. 20W sets the oil pump temperature limit to -20 ° C. Engine oil must be pumped until it has cooled.

The SAE 50 class describes the behavior of the oil flow at 100 ° C. With a kinematic viscosity of 16.3 – 21.8 mm² / s, the oil can also meet the requirements for powerful engines. Engine oil can be used at outdoor temperatures from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

The accepted temperature range of 20W50 covers the climatic conditions in Central Europe.